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Christmas 2006 Blueprint
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-Scout/XL Rod Crankpin
 By Lyle Landstrom

The VirtualIndian Blueprint Group has been incommunicado for over a year. So when Moen emailed me asking if we had anything for a new issue we had to scramble to get some ideas together. Rick (Rocky) Dillinger came to the rescue with his beautiful and detailed drawing for an Indian Sport Scout or Warpath crankpin. The crankpin drawing is for using stock XL Harley rods in stock Scout or Chief flywheels. There
will be two thin thrust washers needed upon assembly, but they need to be determined at assembly. Although this isn't something that everyone can make in their garage, this drawing would be all that's needed to commission one for that special project. If anyone has ever put a drawing together like this, they would appreciate the amount of time it takes. Also from Rocky is this 1951-53 handle bar sleeve nut, which should be easier to DIY. Lets give a big thanks to Rocky.

Lyle Landstrom
VirtualIndian Blueprint Group


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1572 x 984 pixel version

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800 x 600 pixel version

Handle bar sleeve nut

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1440 x 900 pixel version

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800 x 500 pixel version

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