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Electric Starter Kit for Indian Chief
This is one of the things I would really have liked to write more about, as I am sure we will be seeing more of this neat electric start setup for Chiefs in the future. I have pasted in some info off the VI Mailing List and some photos, and hope to get around to doing more about this in 2006. For more info, see note to the right of here, or contact me via the link at the bottom of this page. Moen Note about email addresses. In a feeble attempt to make it harder for evil spam bots to gather "live" addresses from this page, the addresses here have "at" instead of @ and "dot" instead of the dot as in "dot com" and no automatic mail links. Hope you can figure it out (if you are not an evil spam bot, that is).
-From: "Gerald Levin" <galevin"at"hotmail"dot"com>

Here is some info on the electric starter setup that was recently seen in Florida. The owner of this 48 Indian is John Luzietti (harleyjohn45"at"yahoo"dot"com). He is on this list as harleyjohn45. He just recently had his electric starter setup for his 48 Chief done by Tom Fusco.

It cost John appx $1500 for the complete setup and took him about 5 hours for the install and he LOVES it! He says: you will need a 12 volt system and a good charging system to keep the battery hot. You need a starter interface unit, a starter motor, a new battery box and a 310 cold crank amp Sportster battery. I also bought 2 each 12" battery cables from harley. No modifications are required to your bike. The starter is off a 1986 thru 1994 Sportster, it has to be modified. I met Tom over a year ago and saw the starter in action. Also Jim Dinges has one on his 84 incher and it works fine. I have the third one made. Tom wants me to sell some of his starters, but I'm leaving Florida for 6 months to build a summer home in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I will not return until Nnovember and at that time I may try to market some of these units on the internet. I kept it quiet until i was sure it worked. Rocky Halter has seen this unit on Tom's bike, everyone will soon know. this is the holy grail for me, because my knees are shot. All i need now is my thumb. No modifications are required to your Indian, it can be put back stock in no time at all.

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John's 48 with no kicker!

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Note how the chainguard covers the starter.

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Kicker stud removed.
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Bracket attaches starter to frame kickstarter hole.
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Starter button. Can also be placed on handlebar.
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3 photos showing battery box installation.
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Starter unit (Sportster starter motor not included).

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Fitted on bike. Unit is located in the kicker stud hole in the frame.

John also states:
If Indian had this in 1948, Harley would have been toast. I think it will work on all indians from 37 on up,  probably earlier. I also think it would be easy to mount on a Scout. Most all Chiefs can interchange starter pieces. I  think Tom has a market for over 500 units, and his production will be slow. He has 11 cases to assemble now, 12 coming in soon. Then he will make a batch of 25 at a time. They require a lot of hand work. So when I get back home after my summer construction in New Mexico, I will have an opportunity to market some of them. Jim Dinges also has the opportunity to sell them and I think he will. Jim is a great guy and knows about Indians.
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Finished installation, showing new battery box.
John has graciously provided this info to INFORM. Hopefully nobody will take this info and go into direct competition with Tom Fusco as I'm sure he has spent years developing this. If anyone one wants one of these, please contact Jim Dinges or if you can wait till November, John Luzietti (harleyjohn45"at"yahoo"dot"com) as John is the one that took the photos and provided the info above. -


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