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Halvor's Epic trip to Iceland
Great story, photos and video from Halvor Midtvik's fantastic trip to Iceland on his 1944 Chief. There is also a ton of other good stuff on Halvor's site. Halvor is REALLY using his Chief!
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Sam Morgan
Sam is the coolest! Not only does she ride a 101 on the wall (and on the street), she is also a LSR record holder. Sam's site is the place for Motor Drome history, so try to look beyond the current tech problems with the site.
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2007 Int'l Rally in France
More than 2000 photos here from the 2007 International Indian Rally in France!
 The 2008 Rally will be in Finland
Better start planning!
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Martinski's 340 Site
Martin has devoted his website to the 1940 Model 340-B military Chief. Excerpts (in .pdf format) from Martin's coming 340 book here!
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Mills & Co
Josh Mills (& Co) builds some really nifty hotrods and bikes - like this '33 Chief. A '46 Chief is also in progress on his site (flash player needed).
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Carl Vandre, "Mr. Henderson"
OK not an Indian, but still pretty fabulous. Check our Carl's inline-6, V6 and V8 Hendersons!
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Jay Allen & Dave Iversen
Dave Iversen builds some neat bikes and hotrods. Take a look at this link for the story on Jay Allen's world record holding LSR Chief. 

More on Dave's other projects here

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Jill Allen, LSR Scout
Check out the build of Jill's cool little (lowest ever seen?) Scout and follow her debut as a racer. Go, Jill!

(More LSR in earlier issues of the VI)

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More LSR!
See Larry Saxton's Chief and a bunch of other great bikes at this year's BUB Int'l Speed Trials in the winter 2007 issue of The Antique Motorcycle. 
Story is online at the AMCA website, where you can also join up if you are not already a member.
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