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 Christmas 2007 Special Issue
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Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

1947 Chief
Click to go to the article Dave Kilgore's Eva Imonia

I honed the cylinders with sand paper, my 14 year old hands a perfect fit... [more]

1941 Chief
Click to go to the article Allan Schøneberg's Leaf Chief

We both jumped away from the bike and started laughing hysterically...  [more]

1927 Chout
Click to go to the article Tony Carabine's Chout Finished!

Oil system primed, I could not kick the old girl over fast enough to start... [more]

1926 Chout
Click to go to the article Grizzy's Vintage Sprinter Chout

Looking for donor material for the tanks, a space heater blew up at work...  [more]

1922 Hillclimber
Click to go to the article Paul Stileman's Hillclimb Scout

It was evident that the frame had been  modified for different engines...  [more]

1928 Scout
Click to go to the article Crazy Pete's Japanese 101

Burying their bikes to avoid them becoming part of a ship's propeller... [more]

DIY Four
Click to go to the article Eric Marreel's Nimbian Hybrid

Nimbian rode straight as an arrow, was as comfortable as the Nimbus... [more]

Indian Links
Click to go to the links page Further Reading on the WWW

Indians in France, Iceland and at Bonneville, Wall of Death, Military 340-B... [more]

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All the Best for 2008 to Indian Folks Around the World!

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