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 Christmas 2006 Special Issue
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Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

1925 Chief
Click to go to the article Tim Pickering's Original Early Chief 

"Chopper" Tim buys a what??.... [more]

1946 Chief
Click to go to the article Steve McLaughlin's Hawaiian 346 Chief

Uh, how do you start an Indian? Which way does the shift pattern work?...  [more]

1927 Chout
Click to go to the article Tony Carabine's Way Cool Chout

It is now taking shape, I can sit on it and it feels good.... [more]

Alma Four
Click to go to the article Mads Johnsen's Fabulous DIY 4

Yeah I wouldn't mind doing a small series. After all, the hard work is done...  [more]

Indian Blueprints
Click to go to the article Crankpin and Handlebar Sleeve Nut

Rick (Rocky) Dillinger came to the rescue with his beautiful and detailed drawing....  [more]

Indian Links
Click to go to the article Further Reading on the WWW

Father of the Scout, Death Valley, Russia, Choppers and Overhead Cams...  [more]

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All the Best for 2007 to Indian Folks Around the World!

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