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 Christmas-New-Year! 2005 Special Issue
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After the xmas issue went online two more stories ticked in. I had to post these, hence the update.

Super Skiing Scout
Click to go to the article Jim Jones' Winter Fun Vertical

Skis on a motocycle? Are you freakin nuts?
Well yes, but thatís not really the point is it?... [more]

Bobbed Sport Scout
Click to go to the article Paul Edwards' West Coast Bobber

I've had women walk up and kiss me while sitting on the Sport Scout...  [more]

Danish Hybrid Scout
Click to go to the article Thomas Jensen's Home Made Scout

I dismantled the Scout totally, extended the rear part of the frame 6 inches, and... [more]

Chief Electric Starter
Click to go to the article Tom Fusco's Electric Starter Kit

If Indian had done this in 1948, Harley would have been toast...  [more]

Chief Frame Blueprint
Click to go to the article Myles Crowder's Re-drawn Factory Print

Check your frame's dimensions or make a replica?... [more]

Click to go to the article What I would have liked to write about

With hot cams, you get about 47 rear wheel HP on a 74" Chief... [more]

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