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Christmas 2007 - 1927 Chout
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The Carabine Chout Project II
 By Tony Carabine
-Continued from last year...

13 February 2007
I thought I would update you on the Chout progress. The redesigned front brake anchor system seems ok on the push test. We will find out soon what it is like on the road tests. We now have two floating back plates, together with the anchor brackets on the pivot from the fork main legs.

I am now working on the exhaust system. Maybe not correct, but I have started from the back with the two fishtail pipes and set the two pipes parallel and in line with the rear frame tubes.

The battery fits into the tool box, and leaves room to have the electrical junction for the brake switch and the rear lamp inside. I will solder a copper tube inside the rear mudguard to take the cable from the tool box to the rear lamp.

I am well with pleased the front light, it is a repro but looks the part and has INDIAN engraved on the glass. The dash is 101 style, and the switch is for ingnition and light control.

Coil springs for the seat was a problem to find in the right length and strength, but I managed to find a guy with quite a stock. Yes, as you do, I bought 6 sets all different in lenght and strength, they are now good stock hanging in my workshop for future projects.

13 March 2007
Just primed the oil system have set up the carb. Only requires the transmission oil filling, and we are ready to test at the weekend if the weather is OK.

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Revised front brake setup.

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Battery and electrics in toolbox.

6 May 2007
I am pleased to say the Chout is up and running! Only first build stage, but it passed the UK MOT test yesterday. I have not done the road test yet as I am still setting up the timing and carb for the best results. It is a rebuilt motor and all needs to settle in. It would not start on the kick start but we now have the answer. 

First I tried parallel rollers driven by another bike This turned the motor over with plugs out to prime the oil and ease the motor a little, but still a 2 man job. I now have the answer to one man start I bought a set of power rollers like a mini rolling road. A small frame with two concave grit-covered rollers each roller equipped with a car starter motor, still using the bendix throw out system if the bike runs faster than the rollers. One remote foot switch pedal controls the solenoid start. Yes, this is the dogs bollocks. I am going to build it into my bike lift so we can tie down the bike, prime the motor, start the it up and then dial in the carb and timing settings on the bench before going out on the road. This allows me to continue all my work without assistance.

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Up and running for testing, before coming apart for finishing and final assembly.
7 May 2007
The Chout start up was hard due to the fully reconditioned motor, all new inside plus rebored, all new primary and clutch and all new gearbox bearings. The total amount of friction was too much, plus the carb was unknown. I set the float to 1/4" from the top, front adjuster screw 1-1/2 turns out and the rear 4 turns out. The timing was OK set. The oil system was primed, but I could not kick the old girl over fast enough to start.

Two good runs on the start rollers with the plugs out. Then a shot of petrol down each bore, plugs back in, back onto the rollers and she burst into life

Once the first start up and trimming of the carb is done, we can start on the kicker, now I have modified the kicker a little. To assist safe starting and save any kick back, the first and last tooth have been ground off.

13 October 2007
Today I took the Chout for the first road trial. First a 2 mile short run, then back to the workshop for minor adjustments. The second run out was even better, only about 10 miles round trip but good fun. Yes I like my new toy, so much power and so much speed. Yes, the front brake works good and the riding position I like.

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Engine installed

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Neat lining - and neat custom air cleaner

23 November 2007
I have 43 items at the electroplating shop. I have 36 items at the powder coating shop. I have 3 items at the wet paint shop. I have to make up the new wiring loom. I also have to feed my signwriter with beer to prepare him for the gold line work. Then the assembly work. But yes, Moen, I think we should try for it. I will photo all the bits laid out as they are returned to my workshop, plus the final product if completed. If not part 3 next year! 

26 November 2007
Today's photos show the bits all over the place. We are now on the rebuild, the signwriter is due tomorrow to line the tank, the guards and the toolbox door.

15 December 2007
The weather is shit at the moment for a shot out on the roads, but if we get a good fine day we will try for the road running shots.

Do not forget in the story about last March when I was trying to start for the first time, all set up and ready when the telephone rang and I lost concentration. On the return I kicked off on full advance and paid the price of the worst kick back ever. It took 6 months for the knee, leg and ankle to come good again. Yes, it was very painful. That is when I bought what every workshop should have for easy priming and easy starting after a rebuild; the powered roller SOLO dyna systems. 

18 December 2007
If the weather does change and become good, then we will go for the riding road shots. If not we will carry on with trike project. This may make a story for next year? Can't wait to hear more about that! (and a story on the trike in next issue would make for a good place to show the Chout running too). Moen

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Waiting for the weather to turn good again...

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